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Image by Daniel Velásquez


The Deets

After running one of India's most successful Parapsychology Society, The Parapsychology And Investigations Research Society (PAIRS), Founders Pooja Vijay and Sarbajeet Mohanty, thought it's about time to bring a revolution and become Paranormal-Entrepreneurs., something the country has never seen or will hardly ever. 

Scare Events Pvt. Ltd., as the name suggests deals with every event that is horror and paranormal in genre. Scare Events hosts some of the best and only Paranormal Tours in India under the brand Ghost Encounters® Tours. Scare Events also hosts India's biggest Paranormal Convention in Mumbai, every year during Halloween by the name ScareCon® India. Scare Events also has its venture in India's first and only Merchandise with Paranormal & Spiritual theme under the name Ghost Encounters® Shop.

Currently, Scare Events is in production for a podcast series, Ghost Encounters® Unfiltered Podcast. 

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