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Empaths And Fear of Spirit Attachment at GET

Can tides or moon phases hurt you? Can spirits hurt you? Can ghosts hurt you? Yes, no, and maybe. First things first, the meaning of ghosts is that they are mere memories of the past. So they can’t really hurt you, can they? It’s like saying that a car that has passed by two days back has caused an accident today. Weird, no? Ghosts can only hurt you in the future if they are constantly on your mind… just like the rancid orange juice you had ten days back. You develop a fear, phobia, or trauma against the orange juice by overthinking and thus then shunning all juices. Likewise, a ghost can only hurt you if it has been constantly on your mind, just like your girlfriend or boyfriend can. You become an addict and a soak pit for emotions. And moon phases can only affect your energy field.

So coming from a seasoned empath who transmutes on a daily basis, the right approach in case of any discomfort, is always taking a day or three to analyze external or topical reasons for the disturbance. And most often than not, for a start, it is better to leave the paranormal analysis to the experts or ‘paranormal doctors’ till you become one in years of practice and bettering.

There’s a fine line between being a paranormal empath and being a paranoid nut.

You see, most superstitious folk and those who still operate in the lower dimensions usually peg the blame of any anomaly in their health and fortunes on things like black magic, buri nazar, voodoo, or rahu-ketu, etc. The entire focus is on finding an external scapegoat rather than introspecting within. And access to modern spiritual terminologies like frequency, attachment, aura, synchronicity, possession, etc has created a word bank ready for perusal which blurs the line between being a spiritual being vs a superstitious one.

Besides, do attachments happen over a single experience? That’s like saying you got pregnant by simply kissing. Attachments are slow and happen over a series of events at the same place, with the same emotional state, and the same environmental conditions. They take time to develop. There’s nothing like ‘love at first sight’ here. It’s just infatuation or a pseudo belief in that attraction.

If you’re an aspiring empath like a few seasoned ones here, make sure you discount the topical reasons first before jumping to paranormal conclusions. Not all stomachs that ache are a result of an imbalanced chakra or some other attachment. Sometimes it is just an improper diet, an awkward sleeping position, or an infection that needs medical attention. Don’t sacrifice yourself at the altar of misunderstanding even before strengthening your aura.

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